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Wellness is a key contributing factor that brings people to Denver. We do our part to help patients achieve optimal mental and physical well-being through our neurofeedback solutions at our downtown Denver location. Sitting just west of LoDo, the tens of thousands of business professionals living and working in downtown Denver can take advantage of convenient, effective mental health care.

Leading Neurofeedback In Denver

Our Denver experts specialize in neurofeedback, near-infrared light therapy, and traditional therapy. We strive to provide the highest-quality patient experience in our downtown Denver office so that you can get the most out of your treatment and time spent.

qEEG Brain Mapping In Downtown Denver

Effective neurofeedback requires a strategic, targeted plan. In order to do this, our specialists need to know where to target, which is what qEEG brain mapping provides. Understanding what areas and frequencies in the brain are being affected by your symptoms ensures the most effective neurofeedback therapy by our Denver experts.

Neurofeedback Gives You Back Control Of Your Symptoms

The protocols we follow for neurofeedback in our downtown Denver office are clinically proven to treat a variety of different symptoms and disorders. Aligning a neurofeedback plan with the data collected by a qEEG brain map gives our clinicians the ability to treat:

Each of these struggles and disorders can present very differently in an individual, which is why personalized neurofeedback therapy can be more beneficial than traditional approaches. With the help of our mental health and neurofeedback experts in Denver, you can take control of your symptoms and lead the life you’ve been looking for.

Supporting Denver Neurofeedback With Counseling

Counseling is the third prong of our full-spectrum approach to mental wellness in Denver. In addition to our neurofeedback and near-infrared light therapy, we have in-house counselors and contract with third-party counseling organizations in the area to help our patients get everything they need and more from Braincode Centers in Denver.

A Complete Approach To Mental Wellness

Our Denver neurofeedback clinic takes the mind-body connection very seriously. In addition to extensive brain support, we have an in-house chiropractor that helps bring your treatments full circle.

Neurofeedback In Denver Helps You Lead Your Best Life

Whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression or you’ve recently suffered a traumatic event or brain injury, neurofeedback in Denver can help. This all-natural approach to mental health is what makes Braincode Centers a leading provider of mental health care in Denver. Contact our specialists today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how neurofeedback can benefit you.