Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) is a procedure used to measure electrical activity in the brain, allowing our clinicians to evaluate how different parts of the brain are functioning, independently and together. Through this process, we are able to pinpoint which frequencies in the brain are out of balance and create personalized programming to help you overcome struggles and achieve your goals. qEEG brain mapping is the starting point for every client at Braincode Centers because when data guides your efforts to achieve overall wellness, you can lead a happier, healthier life.

How Does qEEG Brain Mapping Work?

Traditionally, a patient doing a qEEG brain map will wear a tightly fitting cap that will use electrogel, a conductive agent, with electrodes placed in highly specific locations. Nineteen electrodes will be placed across the cap with up to two electrodes being placed in an area like the earlobes where there is no electrical activity. This creates a baseline for clinicians to measure neurological activity against.

It’s important to note that the process of qEEG brain mapping is entirely passive. No electrical stimulation will be input into your brain. Rather, we simply collect data on the performance of your neural pathways in both an eyes open and eyes closed condition. This data is analyzed by our in-house qEEG specialist. Our in-house qEEG expert is among the most revered in the field and regularly participates in continuing education to best support Braincode Centers clinicians and clients. Having been trained by the best in the field, our brain mapping specialist is working toward her qEEG Diplomat - one of the most esteemed credentials in the field.

What Can You Learn From A Brain Map?

Upon the analysis of your brain map, vast insight can be gleaned and leveraged to develop an effective treatment plan that is completely customized to your specific symptoms and goals. Insights from your qEEG brain map can be categorized into areas of over- and under-activity that present throughout the test. We'll then correlate that information with the symptoms you may be struggling with to identify what specific frequencies in your brain need support.

Our team of neurological experts leverage the Neuroguide database, one of the most respected resources in the field of neurofeedback, to guide the development of your treatment plan for maximum self improvement and well being.

Why qEEG Brain Mapping Is Valuable For Your Health

Abnormal brain function is at the root of many cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disorders. By collecting data through qEEG brain mapping, neurofeedback experts can, quite literally, see how different parts of your brain are performing and working together. This allows your clinician to identify which frequencies of the brain may be out of balance or under performing.

Additionally, qEEG brain mapping can be highly informative for you, personally. The information gathered can help you identify patterns that may be holding you back from achieving your optimal self.

child having qeeg brain map

qEEG Brain Mapping At Braincode Centers

At Braincode Centers, we strive to help our clients achieve their goals by addressing problems at the source. qEEG brain mapping is the first step in identifying the physical complications that may be holding you back. We use the data collected through this process to inform our treatment plans so they can be 100% customized to you. At Braincode Centers, we leverage your own capabilities to help you improve your life.

Whether you’re struggling with symptoms of disorders like anxiety, depression, or ADHD or you simply want support and guidance to perform better and achieve your optimal self, qEEG brain mapping is the ideal place to start. Contact Braincode Centers today to learn more about how we can help you train your brain to lead your best life.