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When it comes to our mental health, we are often reactive. We wait until there is a problem that can be identified because it is preventing us from achieving our goals, instead of preventing a problem from ever occurring in the first place. The struggle lies in the fact that most people don’t know there are effective options available for a proactive approach to improving performance, increasing achievement, and leading a more efficient, productive life.

Your Brain's Relationship With Your Performance

Your brain controls every single aspect of your life. From how focused you are at work to your emotional connection in your personal relationships, your brain is the cornerstone of it all. Much like your muscles, training your brain increases the strength and performance of the organ. When your brain is operating at its peak, you can achieve more, faster, and with greater accuracy. So, how do you know when your brain isn’t operating at its peak?

This feels like a loaded question, because more often than not, there is always room for improvement when it comes to the performance and efficiency of your brain. In reality, its not just your brain that can be continuously improved, however, because it’s a rare occasion that that’s not the case. Consider this: could you achieve more at work? Could you accomplish more at home? Could your relationships be stronger? Could you reach your goals faster? Most people could answer yes to any one, if not all, of these questions.

Now, let’s look at performance another way. Could your mental energy be applied more efficiently? Would better performance reduce your overall stress levels? Would reduced stress improve your quality of sleep? High-performance is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy and, at Braincode Centers, we help you identify the weakest links in this cycle to help you achieve your greatest potential.

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The Struggles Of High-Performers

High-performers, whether it’s on the court or in the boardroom, often face very similar struggles when it comes to their everyday lives. In many cases, these individuals face long-term stress and suffer the negative side effects of it. Ongoing stress can lead to decreased quality of sleep. Decreased quality of sleep will diminish performance, endurance, resilience, and so much more.

If you feel like stress is playing a key role in preventing you from achieving your highest potential, neurofeedback could be the solution you’re looking for. Our neurofeedback performance training helps you build not only mental resilience but also physical strengths that are often weakened due to undue or long-term stress.

What Can You Achieve When Your Brain Performance Matches Your Intentions?

There are a number of reasons one might consider brain mapping and training to improve their performance in life, at work, or in relationships. However, we can narrow the benefits down to a few key factors:

  • Increased efficiency means less wasted potential - When your brain is operating at its peak, less mental energy is wasted on trying to keep your composure, second-guessing, over-analyzing, or decision making.
  • Reduced stress means better sleep quality - Stress and sleep are two of the most essential elements of brain performance and they feed on one another. When you are stressed, you don’t sleep well. When you don’t sleep well, you become more stressed. These things can diminish your performance, thus leading to even more stress and even less sleep. See how that works? Better yet, does that sound familiar? If it does, a concerted effort in brain training can be highly beneficial in your long-term performance and quality of life.
  • Better performance means increased focus - Specifically in the case of athletes, but this is also relevant to a number of other professions, improved brain performance can lead to a better ability to tune out distractions, increase your processing speed, and improve your ability to make informed decisions regarding the task at hand. These specific benefits tie into your ability to perform well under pressure, improve your ability to recover from error, and reduce wasted energy in crucial moments.
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Become A High Performer At Braincode Centers

At Braincode Centers, our specialists relying on real psychological and physiological changes to help you train your brain to operate at peak performance, in and out of your highest pressure scenarios. We’ve worked closely with high-performing athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and more to help them make their brain health a priority. Our clients make better plays on the field, make more money at work, achieve more academic honors at school, develop more cutting edge ideas as entrepreneurs, and, ultimately, set themselves on a path to not only change their lives but also change the world.

If you think you could be achieving more in life, at work, on the field, or anywhere else, contact the performance experts at Braincode Centers today to learn more about how neurofeedback can align your brain performance with your long-term goals.