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It's normal for stress levels to rise during times of crisis, such as during the current pandemic we're experiencing. Your physical and mental wellbeing can be negatively impacted by the excessive stress, so it's imperative to find ways to cope and thrive. One way is through seeking services for outpatient mental health in DTC.

For people who have mental health issues, things like exercise, meditation, and relaxation techniques can be helpful, but these strategies are not always sufficient. Many mental disorders can be exacerbated by high levels of stress and may require exploring more comprehensive mental health services.

For those who require extra care, there is a wide range of mental health treatment services available for any mental health emergency or concern.

What is Outpatient Mental Health?

The term “outpatient mental health” refers to non-residential treatment for your mental healt. It involves routinely attending treatment during the day or evening and returning home following your appointment, rather than staying at the treatment facility.

There are several reasons why people choose outpatient mental health treatment in the Denver Tech Center area for their behavioral health issues. Many patients have children at home or businesses to run and cannot spare the time to live in a residential facility.

Some people may be transitioning out of an inpatient program but still need the structure and support provided by outpatient care services.

A strong support system at home and mild to moderate symptoms make outpatient treatment programs ideal for many people.

In outpatient mental health care, both adults and children are typically evaluated, diagnosed, and treated.

A variety of mental health disorders can be diagnosed and treated through outpatient services, including:

Who Benefits from Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment is ideal for individuals with a strong support system and a high level of independence. Patients can continue managing their daily responsibilities, learn and apply new coping skills, and maintain a close connection with their support systems. If you are struggling with mental health concerns, then you will likely benefit from outpatient therapies.

How Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Works

Patients learn how to cope with stressors and manage their mental health in outpatient treatment, like at our neurofeedback center in DTC. There are a variety of drug-free treatment plans available at Braincode Centers such as neurofeedback and counseling that can greatly benefit your mental health.

That said, some individuals may need more support and structure than someone who can manage mental health symptoms with one or two hour-long treatment sessions per month. Outpatient care is ideal because it allows each patient to receive the right treatment plan with an experienced mental healthcare provider.

Types of Outpatient Mental Health Programs We Provide in the Denver Tech Center

To start with, you need to determine what type of outpatient treatment program will benefit you the most. Outpatient programs can be classified into three main categories, each with a varying level of structure.

  • Standard outpatient treatment: This type of program includes regular shorter visits to outpatient clinics, treatment centers, or hospitals, according to the patient's personalized care plan.
  • Intensive outpatient programs: The purpose of this program is to provide more intensive longer duration structure and support for patients while still allowing them to tend to their outside responsibilities.
  • Partial hospitalization programs: This treatment can last up to seven days a week and require 6 to 8 hours of care per day.

Choosing Alternative Outpatient Mental Health Care in the DTC Area

Your physical health is an indispensable asset, and your mental health is no different. If you're suffering from mental health issues, you may find it extremely difficult to get through daily life.

It doesn't matter what mental health condition you suffer from. You deserve to live a life free from anxiety and depression. That's why we offer alternative outpatient mental health care near DTC. Our neurofeedback specialists are highly trained to identify the areas of your brain contributing to your condition. Our custom programming offers a replacement to prescription medication and talk therapy by facilitating sustained changes in brain wave activity, thus remapping your physical and emotional responses to negative stimuli.

Contact us at Braincode Centers in the Denver Tech Center to get started with neurofeedback therapy today!

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