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There are many biological predispositions that put you at a higher risk for developing anxiety and/or depression. Mood disorders are the most common type of mental health disorder. And while these conditions can feel debilitating at times, they are highly treatable. Today, we’re going to explore treatment options that go beyond traditional approaches, and instead, we’ll discuss an all-natural solution that aims to treat the problem at the source. This solution is called neurofeedback. If you’re interested in learning more about neurofeedback for anxiety and depression, you’ve come to the right place.

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Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental illness in the United States, with more than 40 million Americans 18 and up suffering every year. To put that in perspective, that's approximately 18% of the total population in the United States. The numbers are even higher among teens, with 25% suffering from an anxiety disorder. And with COVID-19 and the resulting shutdowns, more and more people are struggling to manage their mental health. The good news is, anxiety disorders are highly treatable. But traditional treatment options such as talk therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes alone don't always give people the relief they really need. If you're interested in more natural anxiety treatment in DTC, you've come to the right place.

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Wednesday, 06 January 2021 09:51

How to Treat Insomnia Naturally Without Medication

Insomnia is exceptionally difficult to deal with. And successfully treating it can be equally as challenging. Know that if you are struggling with sleep, you are not alone. In fact, it’s estimated that as many as 1 in 4 Americans develop insomnia each year. If you are one of those four, you may have tried a number of treatments without experiencing success, such as medication. Or perhaps medication has helped but you experienced a number of negative side-effects. Today, we’re breaking down how to treat insomnia naturally without medication so you can treat your sleep disorder at the source.

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If you or your child has recently been diagnosed with attachment disorder, know that you are not alone and that treatment options are available. Though therapy is often the first treatment utilized for attachment disorder, it isn’t always successful. In order for talk therapy to really work, patients have to care, in some capacity, about the therapist. This can be problematic since by definition people with attachment disorders often lack the necessary empathy to care about others (including their therapist). The good news is there are alternative attachment disorder treatments available that can prove to be more successful.

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