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Sitting perfectly within the hearts of Littleton and Highlands Ranch, you’ll find our top-rated neurofeedback facility. Our Highlands Ranch specialists are experts in qEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback, as well as near-infrared light therapy and traditional counseling. The Highlands Ranch neurofeedback center also offers a customized sensory deprivation tank for those whose brain mapping may indicate this as a beneficial service.

Top Rated Local Neurofeedback in Littleton / Highlands Ranch, Colorado

qEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback are the cruces of what we do at Braincode Centers. However, when it comes to mental health care, the unique presentations that every individual experience mean customized care is essential. This is why we offer supplementary care options at each of our locations.

Come to Littleton / Highlands Ranch for qEEG Brain Mapping

To ensure that we match your treatment plan directly to your needs, we utilize data gleaned from a qEEG brain map that allows us to pinpoint the exact frequencies that are over or under-performing in your brain. Upon identification of these frequencies, we can treat a variety of symptoms and struggles, including:

The data from your qEEG brain map shows us how your personal symptoms are affecting your brain so that we can effectively target your neurofeedback at our Highlands Ranch and Littleton office.

The Best Neurofeedback In Littleton / Highlands Ranch

Braincode Centers is a top-rated local provider of neurofeedback in Highlands Ranch. Our specialists work closely with patients to ensure they have the structure and support they need to achieve their goals. Whether you’re struggling with symptoms of anxiety, have trouble focusing due to ADHD, or want to perform better at work, in school, or on the field, neurofeedback can play a strategic role in getting you to where you want to be.

Counselors At Littleton / Highlands Ranch - Braincode Centers

The mind-body connection is essential to the success of neurofeedback therapy. For this reason, we have in-house, licensed counselors on staff at our Highlands Ranch location. We also partner with a number of local providers so that we can provide each and every client with an exceptional client experience. Whether you’re new to mental health care or you’ve been seeing a counselor for a while and want to take your treatment to the next level to achieve success, we can help.

Float Therapy In Littleton / Highlands Ranch

At our Littleton location, we partner with INNGI Float to complete our therapeutic service offerings for our patients. Float therapy helps to alleviate pain and enhance your cognitive presence at work and within your personal life. It can be highly beneficial to patients struggling with a number of different symptoms.

Become Your Best Self With Neurofeedback In Littleton / Highlands Ranch, CO

Mental health care is a lifelong process. You see your dentist for regular check-ups, you visit your medical doctor for an annual physical, and your brain deserves the same diligence. Neurofeedback in Highlands Ranch is the ideal starting point for individuals who want to achieve and maintain optimal brain health and improve their quality of life while doing so. Contact our Littleton neurofeedback center today to schedule a free consultation and learn more.