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In addition to our central Colorado presence, Braincode Centers has a Dallas-based location to provide top-rated neurofeedback services. You’ll find our office conveniently located in North Dallas, just east of the Dallas North Tollway. Between the working professionals, families, and students at the University of Texas Dallas, there are countless individuals who can benefit from our neurofeedback treatment and mental health care expertise.

Top-Rated Neurofeedback In Dallas

We strive to offer the highest quality patient experience around. Our expert clinicians for neurofeedback in Dallas ensure that patients feel safe, comfortable, and, most importantly, heard.

Dallas qEEG Brain Mapping Experts

qEEG brain mapping informs everything we do. By identifying what frequencies in your brain are over- or under-performing, we can customize a neurofeedback treatment plan that supports control of and recovery from a variety of different symptoms, including:

Symptoms can look entirely different on each and every individual, which is why cookie-cutter treatment can only get you so far. With qEEG brain mapping performed by our Dallas experts, we can create a completely personalized treatment plan to help you lead your best life.

Neurofeedback Is Personalized To You

Your neurofeedback treatment in Dallas is perfectly aligned to your personal needs. Utilizing positive reinforcement and the most fundamental conditioning, we can help you create new neural pathways that guide your brain into operating more efficiently.

Dallas-Based Life Coaching Brings Mental Health Care Full Circle

In addition to leading neurofeedback in Dallas, we also have a Certified Life Coach on staff to offer clients all the support they need to make tangible applications of their brain training and neurofeedback treatment to their everyday life. From climbing the corporate ladder to improving your mental stamina on the field, our life coach helps you successfully take your improved sense of self from the office into the real world.

Schedule A Free Neurofeedback Consultation In Dallas

If you want to take control of your mental health and well-being, neurofeedback in Dallas is the perfect place to start. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the benefits of neurofeedback.