When you struggle with symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression, or pain, the options for drug-free relief can seem few and far between. Whether you are working with a medical doctor, a psychologist, or another type of professional, it is easy to feel boxed in. At Braincode Centers, we’re here to tell you that suffering is not your only option. Medication is also not your only option. We offer a full suite of treatment options that are an alternative to medication or traditional therapy and treats your symptoms at the source. Alpha-Stim AID is one of the ways we do this for patients who struggle with anxiety, insomnia, depression, or pain.

What Is Alpha-Stim AID?

Alpha-Stim AID is a small device that taps into the naturally occurring electrical currents in your brain. Using cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), a microcurrent stimulates your brain and modulates a specific group of nerve cells. The Alpha-Stim waveform is a patented application that provides significant anxiety relief, mood normalization, and better sleep, among other benefits.

How Does Alpha-Stim AID Work?

Alpha-Stim AID, much like biofeedback using thought technology, is used as a supplemental tool to neurofeedback therapy for the treatment of symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression, and chronic pain. We leverage our qEEG brain mapping technology to establish baselines and improvements for all of our treatments, Alpha-Stim AID included. What we’ve seen is that Alpha-Stim provides significant improvement with long-lasting effects on the imbalanced frequencies associated with the above listed disorders.

The Benefits Of Alpha-Stim AID

What makes Alpha-Stim AID therapy such a an ideal solution for those struggling with various symptoms is the all-natural, pain-free, and drug-free approach to relief. It is one of the safest ways to approach symptom management and recovery, with nearly 10,000 subjects reporting no serious side effects.

Alpha-Stim AID has also proven to be more effective the traditional medication treatments for:

  • Anxiety: 6-10% margin of improvement over Xanax and Ativan
  • Insomnia: 16-28% margin of improvement over Lunesta and Sonata
  • Depression: 13-16% margin of improvement over Zoloft and Wellbutrin
  • Pain: 5-8% margin of improvement over Vicodin and Oxycontin

As a non-invasive approach with limited to no side effects, Alpha-Stim AID can be an ideal treatment option for many patients who want to take back control of their symptoms and their life.

Additionally, it is a cost-effective solution to achieving wellness. Thousands of dollars can be saved on drugs and alternative treatments, as well as the losses, like missed days at work, that can be prevented by managing symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression, and more.

Alpha-Stim AID At Braincode Centers

At Braincode Centers, the passion for helping clients achieve a better quality of life is what drives us to be experts in the cutting-edge treatments and technology available for treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and much more. Alpha-Stim AID is one of the many treatments we offer in conjunction with neurofeedback to clients who want to take control of their lives and improve their general health and well-being. We rely on qEEG brain mapping to inform your personalized treatment plan and determine if Alpha-Stim AID is the right treatment method for you.

If you struggle with symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression, or pain and want a non-invasive, drug alternative to treatment, contact Braincode Centers today to schedule a consultation with our leading neurofeedback and Alpha-Stim AID clinicians.