Equinox Neurofeedback Specialist

Equinox is an outpatient counseling center for at risk and behaviorally challenged adolescents and young adults.  Our partnership with them is to integrate Neurofeedback into clients daily treatment plans.  Neurofeedback focuses on ADHD, childhood trauma, developmental trauma, anxiety and depression. By integrating Neurofeedback we are able to support individual, family and group counseling at Equinox. This allows clients to get a comprehensive treatment experience. 

Brooke Patton, MA, LPCC, has a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health from Colorado Christian University.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Regis University, where she studied Liberal Arts. She also holds her Colorado K-12 Teaching license.

Brooke is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate with experience in trauma, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, PTSD,  and Autism. As a wife of a first responder, Brooke brings her experience working with heros in our community to the counseling and Neurofeedback field. She is passionate about providing a holistic treatment experience in a safe environment for children and families.

As a Colorado native, Brooke enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys, working out, boating, and traveling.


Douglas County Sheriffs Office

Our partnership with Douglas County Sheriff's Department is to provide mental health services through Neurofeedback.  We are able to provide individual tailored treatment that focuses on PTSD, vicarious trauma, anxiety, and help relieve daily stress that first responders experience. Braincode Centers is proud to partner with these true heroes that serve and protect our community everyday.