We often don’t realize that our brain requires the same kind of attention as other parts of our bodies. You see your dentist and your medical doctor a few times per year. You likely schedule massages or visit a chiropractor, as well as hitting the gym to keep your soft tissue healthy. What’s not as widely known is that there are options to do this same kind of ongoing care for your brain and your mental well-being - an alternative to talk-therapy and medication - that actually helps your brain get stronger, more efficient, and healthier. That solution is neurofeedback. With the help of our local neurofeedback specialists, you can take control of the imbalances that lead to symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and more to lead a happier, healthier life.

The Vision Of Braincode Centers

Braincode Centers was born with the mission of instilling hope. We do this by facilitating an exceptional client experience where clients feel heard, understood, and valued.

  • H-Hope - Education is the foundation of what we do. We strive to help clients understand who they are and why they are there, while also constantly reminding them that things will get better.
  • O-Optimize Each Session - Our goal is to instill the importance of each and every session in our clients. Knowing that every new session is just as valuable on your path to your ideal life is essential to achieving success through neurofeedback.
  • P-Provide Validation - We not only listen to our clients but we also genuinely care about what they are experiencing. We strive to validate each concern a client comes to us with and address questions with educated and insightful answers.
  • E-Expect Transformation - Keeping the "why" at the center of our programs, we strive to help clients see the finish line and encourage them to reap the most benefit from our services.

All of our local neurofeedback specialists have one thing in common: they are passionate about improving the availability of high-quality mental health care. With four different locations across Colorado and Texas, Braincode Centers is rapidly growing to achieve that exact goal. In order to do this, we focus on three key values that are at the core of each and every one of our mental health care facilities.

An Exceptional Client Experience

Whether you’re struggling with chronic symptoms of anxiety or you are recovering from a traumatic event, your everyday life is being altered by your symptoms and your experiences. Some days, it’s hard enough to just get out of bed, much less find a provider who can actually make a difference. Our local neurofeedback specialists understand that, which is why the patient experience at Braincode Centers always comes first.

Continuing Neurofeedback Education

Each and every one of our local neurofeedback specialists are constantly working to improve their education and expertise. At any given moment, you’ll find that our professionals are seeking out additional Board Certifications and training so that they can give everything they have and more to the clients. This focus on education doesn’t stop with our neurofeedback specialists, though. We strive to pass our education and information on to our clients. Part of effective mental health care is understanding what is going on with your brain and, as neurofeedback experts, your brain is not something we take lightly.

Complete Customization

We stop at nothing to ensure that we can craft a treatment plan that directly targets the weakest parts of your brain. In order to do this, we let the data from a qEEG brain map guide the development of your completely personalized treatment plan so that it can be as effective as possible for your needs. This also includes additional specializations outside of neurofeedback so that you can get everything you need in one convenient location.

Mental Health Care From Local Neurofeedback Specialists

We specialize in not only a number of disorders and struggles, but also a wide variety of drug-free, non-invasive treatments that naturally treat the everyday struggles of our many patients. At your local Braincode Centers, you can benefit from:

Our neurofeedback specialists will help you determine what course of treatment will be the most effective for you in a safe, caring, and comfortable environment.

Get To Know Braincode Centers

Across our nine locations, we have the leading local neurofeedback specialists on staff. Get to know our team and find the location nearest you to schedule a free consultation and learn more.